Monday, February 14, 2011

747-8I Unveiled!

Photo Credit to Tad Carlson up covering the unveiling today! Photo Located here-

Today, February 13th marked the official roll out of the all new 747-8I for Boeing, the I stands for Intercontinental. The event was hosted in the 40-24 Factory building with Seattle's weather this time of the year not normally the greatest.

Thousands of employee's and guest attended the event and were greatly surprised by the new scheme. Before the curtain dropped the crowd was treated in elaborate music. They were then brought to silence when the curtain did finally fall and unveiled the new color scheme that seemed to bring the silence over the crowed with both excitement of seeing the new bird. But at the same time very surprised by the change from the normal company blue to the red fuselage and orange tail.

About the scheme, at first many thought it was a retro lively to celebrate the history of the 747 and the similar red that the 747 originally rolled out in back in the 60's! But then Boeing's Vice President Pat Shanahan came on the stage to explain why the change and what it stood for. When Pat first jumped on the stage and yelled an ecstatic "YEAH" as the day had finally come for the new plane, he went on to say the idea behind the scheme was to make a statement and that around the world the colors red and orange have a powerful and positive meaning! In history many country's have linked red and orange with prosperity, good fortune, and the promise of success. The colors are meant to show a prosperous and bright future for Boeing and it's customers. The scheme took 380 gallons of paint, which is the equivalent of 6 737's.

The unofficial date at this point for the new airplanes first flight is slated for Monday March 21st, 2011. I will hopefully be there to cover the event!

In case you missed the unveiling the final 15 minutes are located here on YouTube-
Or also watch the full 45 minute event here on Boeing's website-